Headphones for Cinema

The new phenomenon of Silent Cinema, or Silent Movie, is costantly expanding. Thanks to SILENTSYSTEM ® three-channel wireless headphones, people can watch films in multiple languages, enjoy an outdoor cinema without disturbing the neighborhood, and much more.

Thanks to our innovative technologies, creating a cinema with headphones is simple, and at the same time fun. The Silent Cinema is the perfect cinematic experience, it will immerse you, through the latest generation headphones, in the soundtrack of your favorite movies.

From Multilingual to Multiplex

Setting up a Silent Cinema is very easy, you just have to choose between two types of audio input, Jack 3,5 mm or RCA. Beside that, everything is just plug and play!

Super Power Bass

SILENTSYSTEM ® Heasets Premium Feature
Built with high quality transducers that produce a rich and detailed sound to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Noise Cancelling

Reduce Unwanted Ambient Sounds
Cancel lower frequencies with noise control and deeply feel any detail, including special effects and much more!

Ergonomic Design

Forget About Wearing It
Enjoy hours of comfortable listening with a flexible and durable structure combined with extremely soft pavillions.

From "Outside" they seem like many aliens landed on Earth.
Instead, they are mere spectators of a Very Special Cinematographic Projection.