Live Music Experience 2.0

The best musical experience is to listen to a Live Band. But it is not always possible in a particular environment. Most of the time using traditional audio transmission systems is not possible; going beyond the limits of decibels imposed by the authorities is not allowed. Forget about this, from today all became possible, the performance come alive thanks to Silent Concert.

A Show, a Performance, or a Silent Concert allows the diffusion of audio through the SILENTSYSTEM ® Wireless Headphones for the entire duration of the event.


The musical signal, which is normally amplified and sent to traditional speakers, to be diffused and perceived as sound by the audience, feeds our SuperPowerBass ® Transmitters instead, which spread the signal in high frequency and bring it directly to any single participant.

A completely different way of Making and Enjoying Music

Broadcasting live music for an headphone concert is the best way to deliver quality sound. Thanks to the SILENTSYSTEM ® Headphones that each participant will be reached by high quality music, ensuring the best for the entire audience.

In addition to the potential of sound spreadability,  thanks to headphone’s music transmission system you can independently decide the volume of the music and you will no longer experiment any sound loss. This may seem negligible but it’s not, you’ll feel every emotion deeply.