Silent Party ® Official

Bring the Silent Disco to a venue, it could be a unique spot, a bar or a club, and be prepared for a guaranteed success. Instead of relying, as usual, on traditional audio systems (which are often obsolete or not so good), equip yourself with excellent audio solutions. With our systems you can transform every venue into a Silent Disco: Three-Channel Headphones offering the best sound quality, and SuperPowerBass ® Transmitters capable of spreading the signal up to 500 meters.

Endless Possibilities

By organizing a Silent Party, you will not have offered an event limited by the range of the audio system, but it will be possible to reach each participant in the area of a kilometer, regardless of where they are; each one queuing for the bathroom, waiting at the bar, on the street or even on the roof.

A Unique and Exceptional event, the new millennium Absolute Novelty

In addition to the possibility of bringing music to the ears of each participant, even to the one that stands in the most forgotten corner, thanks to the power of the SILENTSYSTEM ® Transmitters, you can create “multi-taste” events by exploiting the characteristics three channels of the SILENTSYSTEM ® Headphones, capturing people with different tastes at the same time.

You will be able to create real DJ contests between three DJs, challenging each other to the sound of every BPM; for example Techno Music on channel one, House Music on channel two and some Funky music on the last channel. The Silent Disco is an innovative reality that promotes the aggregation between people, who will be able to interact with each other, multiplying fun three times.