Wireless Headphones Festival

Silent Festivals are the new millennium novelty and are spreading around the world at an high frequency. With SILENTSYSTEM ® Wireless Equipment there will be no more “Forbidden Musical Areas” and a festival can come alive wherever you want; on the beaches, in squares, in the historical areas and any other place that comes to your mind.

No More Complaints

By organizing a Silent Festival, you will no longer risk complaints from the neighborhood cause of the loud music produced by traditional audio broadcasting systems; the SILENTSYSTEM ® Equipment reduce noise pollution to zero, and offers more, by taking advantage of the three available sound diffusion channels, tripling the music selection.

A Virtual Dancefloor - Perfect for "Chill out Areas" and Deejay Contests

You can satisfy an audience with different musical tastes; let three artists play at the same time and spread three different music genres on the same dance floor.

With our three-channel Wireless Headphones SuperPowerBass ® you will feel the best sound quality, with particular focus on bass sounds. Silent Festival with headphones is a real artistic event, cheerful and engaging that deserves to be tried out, because it is fascinating and unforgettable; those qualities are evidenced by the great consensus that encounters every time.