An Addictive Experience

Fitness and Workout activities change and evolve very quickly. Trainers and users are always looking for new ways to improve performance, and mostly enhance their experience during training.

Silent Fitness is what we get by trying to meet all these needs. A new approach to training, perfect for all those who want something more than a standard Fitness, Zumba, Walking, or Workout session.

Joining Silent Fitness World will radically change the concept of training.

Fitness in Listening Mode

The Trainer at the microphone, giving instructions, the right musical atmosphere and SILENTSYSTEM ® Headphones for clear, deep listening. Maximum comfort in wearing them and easy hygiene management.


Any place can become the right space for a Silent Fitness Session: a park, the beach, the central square of your city.

Movement is life, and the city can move with you, thanks to SILENTSYSTEM ® Technology. There is no limit to imagination and desire to do.

The positive mood of training group gives new energy to the city.

The silence of nature is not damaged in Silent Fitness Sessions wether in the woods or on the sea shores. Silent Fitness allows you to merge with the surrounding world, and be part of it in a healthier way.

Silent Fitness is .

Silent Ideas in Motion

There is no crazy idea when it comes to Silent Fitness. Every discipline of group training, from running to yoga, from dancing to aerobics sessions, gains value, thanks to the silent approach.

For a Trainer, the competitive advantage sits in differentiation, offering innovation and dedicated attention. For Athletes, the advantage sits in abandoning the burden of stress in everyday life by jumping into a universe of music, clear instructions, infinite charge, and living the training moment with the right joy and lightness. A SILENTSYSTEM ® Headset can succeed where years of good intentions have failed.