The product destined to revolutionize the acoustic universe and the sphere of electronics has a very specific name: SILENTSYSTEM. Our wireless headphones are the result of a project developed by LEM on high performance UHF-RF (radio frequency) technology, specifically designed to ensure excellent audio quality over long distances and for a high number of users.

Our models of wireless headphones for silent events, Silent Disco and Silent Party

The wifi headphones available for rental (SX808; SX809; SX909; SX553 models) are equipped with a high-capacity lithium battery. All models offer an autonomy of approximately 10 hours (4 hours for the complete charge cycle). They have a double PLL and a frequency stability systems, which guarantees a clear and clean signal even at great distances. Our systems are equipped with “Super Power Bass” technology; a particular equalization developed by our engineers to eliminate the clipping of bass sounds, a common problem for wireless audio transmission.

The Silent Disco SX 809 SPB Super Power Bass headphones feature an old school design, reminiscent of the old 1980s models. They have RGB LED lights that illuminate the perimeter of the pavilions and highlight the channel on which you are tuned. This model features Super Power Bass speakers (with Noise Reduction function), and foldable and ergonomic ear cups. Very light and resistant structure.

The Silent Disco SX 808 Double Funktion headphones feature a modern and attractive design, offering maximum comfort thanks to the XL pavilion that wraps the entire ear. Balanced equalization of sounds, they are perfect for live concerts, musicians, karaoke and Silent Cinema. The particular function of this model is the ability to pair a wired headset (by inserting the jack in one of the pavilions) and therefore to double the listeners.

The Silent Disco SX 909 Ultra Lights headphones have a particular design; with a massive and resistant structure.
They have colored RGB LED lights, both on the pavilions and on the upper band, which turn on and off intermittently. Extra large ear pads in soft eco-leather, and balanced equalization of the sounds In this model of headphones, the channel selection button has been introduced, which works by pressure compared to the other models.

SX-553 HiFi Evolution Wireless Headphones are built with high definition Audio technology that produce a rich and detailed sound to satisfy even the most expert audiophiles. The ergonomic design of the headphones is ideal for enjoying hours of comfortable listening. Two large LED lights on both pavilions offer a phenomenal lighting effect. The Evolution Hi Fi System guarantees an enveloping and deep sound

Our models of high power wireless transmitters

We have two different three-channel transmitters dedicated to the silent disco. The TX-SPB40UHF 500M model, has an action range of 500 meters (in open field and with clear weather conditions); this transmitter is perfect for indoor and outdoor events. The TX-SPB50UHF 500M model is the latest model launched, it is equipped with a button to adjust the signal strength; perfect for events where you need to delimit precise perimeters in particular areas.
All our models are latest generation transmitters with Super Power Bass Technology; they have female RCA connectors that guarantee compatibility with most audio devices (mixer, computer, iPhone ..). Each transmitter has a switch for selecting the desired transmission channel.


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