SX808 Double Funktion ®: this model, as the name suggests, has the particular function of being able to use a pavilion as a bridge. By inserting a 3.5mm jack it is possible to use a headset in two people. Offers balanced sound equalization. LED lights to indicate the three different channels not too flashy. Ideal for silent cinema, couple dances, theatrical and scenographic works.

SX809 Super Power Bass ®: The main feature of this model is the Super Power Bass function of the speakers. Thanks to this innovative system, developed by the engineers of LEM International, there is an excellent rendering of low sounds (usually subject to cutting in the transmission of sound with wireless systems) and an audio quality of the highest level. Ergonomic shape and fully insulated earpads. Very bright and eye-catching LED lights. Ideal for Silent Discos, Silent Disco Festivals, Silent Parties and silent events in general.

SX 909 Ultra Lights ®: this model has the particularity of having LED lights that turn on and off intermittently, creating a “fireworks” effect. Very performing model with a single flaw, a little heavy and bulky.